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MLA Compact

MLA cellular technology combines ground-breaking cellular array design with fast, automated intelligent software to deliver a dramatically increased level of performance and coverage consistency compared to conventional line array technology.


Each MLA Compact 3-way enclosure has 5 separate channels of onboard DSP and Class D amplification to control and drive each individual cell in an array.

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MLA Compact is a fully integrated system. It brings together the latest technologies in acoustic design, amplification, DSP and industry-leading optimisation software — with communications and control via an easy-to-use audio network. MLA Compact arrays can be remotely controlled from a PC or wireless tablet running VU-NET™ control software.


Class D amplification, U-NET™ control network and DSP circuitry are integrated within each enclosure, simplifying system set-up and operation and eliminating long, heavy-gauge cable runs — a particular benefit in premium fixed installations. Reducing cable runs to just inches within the enclosure means that all the power produced by the amplifier goes directly to the speakers and is not dissipated in the cables.


With MLA Compact, external amplifier racks are dispensed with ─ saving valuable space both on tour and in fixed installations. From the outset, MLA Compact has been designed with the financial and environmental aspects of running a system in mind; use of maximum-efficiency acoustic and amplifier technologies reduce both the size and weight of the system, assisting transportation as well as reducing the mains or generator power needed to run the system.



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MLA Compact is now available to hire from W E Audio as a complete turn key package, for more information, please contact us on 01608 737226.


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