W E Audio MLA meet Red Arrows 2

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W E Audio’s unique Bus Package that supports the increasingly popular band bus tour is based around the Midas Pro2.


The package is squarely aimed at those tours requiring a small footprint console with the audio quality of a Midas with respectable stage box system including satellites and splits.

The Bus Package

The Bus Package will include our fully patchable stage box incorporating the Midas DL251.


The W E Audio Stage Box Includes:

- 5x 12 way Satellite Boxes

- 5x 12 way Satellite Breakouts

- 4x 48 way Passive Splits

- 2x 12 way output patches

(All multi-pins wired to VDC standard Pin-out)


All Breakouts, Multicores and Power cables included, so that the console can be integrated easily into all house systems.

The Stage Box

An additional drive rack including effects and graphics can be added to the package if required.

The option to take a standard microphone package or a choice of your own if required.

Microphone Package (optional)

The Drive Rack (optional)

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