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W E Audio Ltd Hutton Grange, Office 2, Great Rollright, Oxfordshire, 0X7 5SQ

 Office: 01608 737 226 Fax: 01608 730 792 Email: info  @weaudio.co.uk

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It's not about us...

...it’s about supplying only the best.

Every product that we supply is tested to exceptionally high standards enabling us to achieve and deliver the highest possible result to events and shows that we provide. As simple as this sounds we believe that this attention to detail makes a huge amount of difference when applying audio to your event.


...it’s about doing one thing really well.

We are audio specialists, concentrating only on the requirements and specifications for sound. This means our attention only goes into supplying the best in audio and ensures that the end result is achieved to the highest possible standard.


...it’s about continuity and consistency.

The two C’s are a big part in everyday life at W E Audio, from the equipment we supply through to our attention to detail it ensures that our solutions that are applied to small venues through to major event sites are always the same across the board and this has been a major factor to our continued success with many of our clients.


...it’s about becoming part of a vision.

Your vision is the most important factor when applying audio systems to shows, events and productions. At W E Audio we always take the time to look at ideas and work within venue/site restrictions to achieve solutions beyond expectations everytime.


...it’s most importantly about you.

Whether you are looking to work with us at a future show or you are an existing client we are here for you, offering the comfort and peace of mind in every part of the audio application. We believe that seeing and undeniably hearing us at your event is the first step into achieving the highest possible audio solution with the most friendly and reliable services within audio supply market.